Why Rust?

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  1. New! Shiny! Such karma! datass

  2. Performance.

  3. Rust adoption in the industry is rapid. Intel is writing firmware in it. Cloudflare is doing WASM web workers with wrangler. Amazon is writing a VM platform called firecracker. Microsoft is investigating it for security/performance applications instead of C/C++. Linux kernel modules are being written in it. Its by Mozilla (Firefox), most of the browser's rendering stack is in Rust now (a library called Servo, among others).Its even getting attention from the scientific and more relevantly, Geographic Information Systems ("GIS") for research.

  4. Rust is a reference implementation of Web Assembly. Beyond being a modern, arguably more safe and certainly more portable alternative to JavaScript; using Web Assembly ("WASM"), code gets a huge performance boost, but also, code can be re-used between the server & the client. Finally, this allows for the game to quickly pivot to other platforms such as mobile/desktop applications without modification.

  5. Algebraic, strongly-typed, board game logic fits really well in Rust. Rust has a powerful, type-safe, macro system as well as type-safe generics. Meaning, slight variations in units, terain, games, is easier to implement. This also gives the auditability necessary to generate the "post-action report" described above. See also: rustsim, georust, uom.

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